Mothers Day Pyrenees Litter

Mothers Day Pyrenees Puppies

A Happy Mothers Day

A Litter Of 10 Puppies

Update! Goldie and I have had a very special Mother’s Day. She started her labor this morning and her Great Pyrenees puppies started arriving at 5 this afternoon. So far she has delivered 9 puppies. I am not sure she is done. Her litter has 2 of the rarest colors of Pyrenees. One is called a full Blaireau and the other is considered black as black covers more than 1/3 of the body. Puppy number 10 just arrived!

Did you know? Fun Fact!

Rare Great Pyrenees Coats can present in the average Pyrenees litters. Although the Pyrenees are known for their white coats the breed has had ‘unique’ coat varieties extending back to their early working breed ancestry. However, the white coat is not the only legitimate Pyrenees coat color per say as the breed can have a variety of color combinations, patches, shading and bridling as shared below. The rarest of all is the black coat Pyrenees and the “Full Blaireau’ French, for “badger” showing off the badger coloration or translation of this coloration seen covering the puppy coat. Furthermore, Orange, orange shading and/or orange patching and Salt n’ Pepper coats hearken back to the days of the working breed lines. These coat colors celebrate the rich working breeds of old, with intention to do what Great Pyrénées do best, protecting their flocks and herds alike.

Pyrenees Puppies
Pyrenees Puppies Pyrenees Puppies Pyrenees Puppies Pyrenees Puppies Pyrenees Puppies



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Odin & Zeke

Odin & Zeke

The Great Bernese

Odin The Great Bernese and Ezekiel’s Halo from Fortune Meadows

Written by Dee Fowler Johnson & Erica Dodson

On a cool October day we took a ten hour trip to Lakeland, Florida where we met Janice for the first time, even though it felt like we were life long friends. She had taken the time to speak with us on several occasions, sent pictures, patiently answered all of our questions and concerns when we began this journey of finding the perfect companion for our daughter.

When Janice walked out holding a huge ball of fluff we immediately fell head over paws! Odin, The Great Bernese, changed life for us all. We had never experienced a love like he brought. The most beautiful soulful eyes reflecting every emotion, he changed our hearts forever. Touching every year, month, every day and minute of our lives, we still lost Odin far too soon but after many tears, seven months, and another trip to Janice and Jackie’s beautiful farm, Odin’s brother Ezekiel came charging into our lives and healed our hearts. Zeke reminds us of Odin daily and just how awesome this breed is, bringing a whole new meaning to unconditional love.

Odin, Zeke
Odin & Zeke Odin & Zeke Odin & Zeke Odin & Zeke Odin & Zeke Odin & Zeke Odin & Zeke Odin & Zeke Odin & Zeke Odin & Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke Odin &amp Zeke

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