Australian Mountain Dogs

Australian Mountain Dogs

Calm, Intelligent & Colorful

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This is a registered hybrid cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and an Australian Shepherd. The cross produces an amazing dog with a longer lifespan. The superior intelligence of the Australian Shepherd blends nicely with the calmer even disposition of the Bernese Mountain Dog. The coat and eye colors are stunning as is their sturdy conformation. They are exceptional farm dogs and companion animals.

Australian Mountain Dog – Bonnie Blue
Bonnie Blue 1 Bonnie Blue 2
Bonnie Blue 3 Bonnie Blue 4
Bonnie Blue 5 Bonnie Blue 6
Bonnie Blue 7

Australian Mountain Dog – Lillie & Penny
Lillie 2 Lillie 3
Lillie 4 Penny 2
Penny 3 Penny 4
Penny 5
Penny 6

Australian Mountain Dog – Frankie & Skye
Frankie Frankie 2
Frankie 3 Frankie 4
Frankie 5 Frankie 6
Skye 1
Skye 2