Great Bernese

Great Bernese

Beauty, Temperament & Elegance

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This is an outstanding registered hybrid cross that produces a dog of exceptional beauty and temperament. The lifespan is longer than what is reported for the purebred parents. They are very trainable, affectionate, and loyal. Typically, they are quite large and exhibit a quiet elegance. The Great Bernese is the perfect blend of two spectacular animals that truly produces the best characteristics of both breeds.

Great Bernese – Liberty
Liberty Liberty
Liberty Liberty
Liberty Standing Tall Liberty and Janice

Great Bernese – Oreo, Luna
Oreo 1 Oreo 2
Oreo 3 Oreo 4
Oreo 5 Luna 1
Luna 2
Luna 3

Great Bernese – Buddy
Buddy 1 Buddy 2
Buddy 3 Buddy 4
Buddy 5 Buddy 6
Buddy 7

Great Bernese – Baron
Baron 1 Baron 2
Baron 3 Baron 4

Great Bernese – Heidi
Heidi 1 Heidi 2
Heidi 3 Heidi 4
Heidi 5 Heidi 6