Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Jet Black, Rich Rust & White Coat

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Waving the tri-colored flag of his native Switzerland, The Bernese Mountain Dog stops the crowd with his attractive jet black, rich rust, and white coat and his outgoing, good natured smile. Fanciers regard the Bernese Mountain Dog as the most friendly and warm-hearted of all Working dogs.

His heritage as a resourceful farm and drafting dog recommends him as a handyman around the home as well as a reliable watchdog. Though successful in the show ring with his confident manner, his silky shimmering coat, and striking coloration, The Bernese is primarily a family dog, kind and devoted. His trainability and affinity for the kids makes him one of the most desirable companion animals in the world.

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Bernese Mountain Dog – Gunther
Gunther 1 Gunther 2
Gunther 3 Gunther 4
Gunther 5 Gunther 6

Bernese Mountain Dog – Cooper
Cooper 1 Cooper 2
Cooper 3 Cooper 4
Cooper 5 Cooper 6

Bernese Mountain Dog – Duchess
Duchess 1 Duchess 2
Duchess 3 Duchess 4

Bernese Mountain Dog – Inga
Inga 1 Inga 2
Inga 3 Inga 5
Inga 6 Inga 7

Bernese Mountain Dog – Summer
Summer 1 Summer 2
Summer 3 Summer 4
Summer 5 Summer 6

Bernese Mountain Dog – Ellie
Ellie 1 Ellie 2
Ellie 3 Ellie 4

Bernese Mountain Dog – Dolly
Dolly 1 Dolly 2
Dolly 3 Dolly 4

Bernese Mountain Dog – Gunther, Ellie and Inga
Gunther, Ellie and Inga 1 Gunther, Ellie and Inga 2
Gunther, Ellie and Inga 3 Gunther, Ellie and Inga 4
Gunther, Ellie and Inga 5 Gunther, Ellie and Inga 6