Diamond & Gemma

Diamond & Gemma

Update: Mothers Day Pyrenees Puppies

Joining The Fortune Meadows Family

Update! We are excited to announce, Diamond and Gemma of the Mothers Day litter will be joining the Fortune Meadows Family (pictures taken at the 5.5 week mark). Diamond and Gemma are showing off their beautiful coats, attentiveness and loving disposition. Check out the latest Mother’s Day litter and more, including Diamond (Black) and Gemma (Blaireau) on our Facebook – Photos.

In the spirit of our previous post on Pyrenees coats, coat history and rarity variety, we want to share more information like this and more. More photos, conversation and specifics on these two puppies as we see Diamond and Gemma grow with the Fortune Meadows family. These are the rarest coats of the working breeds of the past. We are happy to have Diamond’s (black) and Gemma’s (badger) “Blaireau” represent The Great Pyrénées rich breed history, friendly and kindhearted disposition as guardians of the herd.

Diamond & Gemma
Diamond & Gemma Diamond 1 Gemma 1 Gemma 2

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